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How many licenses are required?

The number of licenses equals to the number of client devices (e.g. cell-phones) which can synchronize with sync•gw in total. Please keep in mind you may need more licenses than users if your users use more than one device (e.g. cell phone, notepad, desktop PC) and they want to synchronize with all of them.

As the maximum number of available licenses is reached, a log message is generated and synchronization for new device is stopped. All other users are not affected and can still synchronize their registered devices.

You then have the choice to either delete an existing registered device in sync•gw to free up one license or you may return to our shop and purchase additional licenses. In later case you then need to download new license file and update sync•gw configuration with data provided. Next time a new device connects to sync•gw synchronization will be performed as expected.

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