Data base connectors

sync•gw requires a data base connector to store and handle internal data during synchronization.

  • File

    This data base connector is used to store all sync•gw internal data in files in a directory you may specify during setup. You should not use this data base connector if you plan to connect multiple users (performance and throughput goes down as soon as you connect more and more users). This connector should only be used when you cannot use a MySQL data base.

  • MySQL

    This data base connector is used to store all sync•gw internal data in a MySQL data base (using MySQL improved extension interface).

Extended data base connector includes the MySQL data base connector mentioned above. Additionally these connectors synchronizes e.g. contact records from supported application with sync•gw internal records. Your application users can always access most current data.

  • RoundCube (extended data base handler)

    Our RoundCube data base connector enables synchronization with your client device and your RoundCube installation. Daza base connector supports contacts, calendars and task lists stored in RoundCube.

    If you plan to use this data base connector, you need to install our RoundCube plugin. With this RoundCube plugin users may select which address book, calendar or task list should be  enabled for synchronization.

    Please note:

    • RoundCube does not support calendar management out of the box. If you want to manage and synchronize events, you need to install the kolab/Calendar plugin.
    • RoundCube does not support task management out of the box. If you want manage and synchronize tasks, you need to install the kolab/TaskList plugin.


If you use another application for which you're need a data base connector, you may either develop your own (for more information, please read our Developer Guide, or you may ask us.

All of our data base connector can be tested here.

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