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  1. How many eyes are there in a deck of cards - 42.
  2. There are 42 countries in the game of Risk.
  3. In the Star Control games (from Accolade), the ships with maximum crew (the Ur-Quan, Chenjesu, Kohr-Ah, and ChMmr) all have 42 crew.
  4. In the game chess the maximum number of queens that you can place on the board and still have one "safe" square is 42. e.g.:
    e q q q q q q e    q = queen
    e q q q q q e q    e = empty
    e q q q q e q q    s = safe
    e q q q e q q q
    e q q e q q q q
    e q e q q q q q
    e e q q q q q q
    s e e e e e e e
  5. A favorite quote from W.C.Fields: "I'd rather have two girls of twenty-one each, than one girl of forty-two!".
  6. The sentence "I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it!" contains 42 characters (Not including the spaces....)
  7. Napoleon graduated 42nd in his class at Brienne military school.
  8. This sentence is forty two characters long.
  9. 'TRY TWO OF'is an anagram for "forty two"! This must mean that the answer 42 was the result of the second calculation in a series of .... (who knows?)
  10. 42 percent of all American women rely on some type of sterilization for birth control (Newsweek, March 13, 1995, p.60).
  11. Each Marathon run lasts 42 km (+195m).
  12. There were 42 events at the first modern Olympics.
  13. The America's Cup yachts must meet the following specification:
    ((length at waterline) + (square root of sail area) + (cube root of displacement) ) / 1.3579 = 42.]
  14. The top mark that a skater can receive is 6.0. In an international competition, there are either 7 or 9 judges. Therefore, the maximum score that a skater can receive for his/her routine is 42 (7 judges) or 54 (9 judges).
  15. Kyle Petty's NASCAR Winston Cup race car number is 42.
  16. James Earl Jones' high-school basketball jersey number was 42.
  17. Foreigners now own 42% of the shares in the Norwegian insurance-company "VITAL.".
  18. When you reach the California border, you only have 42 miles to go to Las Vegas.
  19. In an L.A. Times Poll in October 1995, 42% of white people think racism is a major problem, another 42% think it's a moderate problem.
  20. Water at the Sea World Penguin Exhibition San Diego is kept at 42 degrees Fahrenheit.
  21. The runway heading of Larnaca airport, Cyprus is 42 degrees.
  22. Some Japanese people bought the Empire State Building with $42 billion dollars.
  23. The right arm of the Statue of Liberty is 42 feet long.
  24. The city of Jerusalem covers an area of 42 square miles.
  25. The Gaza Strip is 42 kilometers long.
  26. The distance between Tiberias and Afula (2 cities in Israel) is 42 km.
  27. Mongolia is 42% urban.
  28. In September 1995 there were two 4.2 earthquakes in California in one week.
  29. There is very often a 42 on the zipper of your Levis.
  30. Back in the 1980's, McDonalds had special cups at Christmas. There were 42 trees on a small Coke.
  31. A Kastleburger at the Taste Donuts coffee shop in Jackson, Mississippi costs 42 cents.
  32. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? 42.
  33. There are 42 Oreo cookies in a one-pound package.
  34. There are 42 stores at the shopping center called "The Citadel" in Los Angeles.
  35. There is a Night Club in Johannesburg, South Africa, named "Level 42", after HHGTTG.
  36. There is a bar/night club in Lyon, France called "the 42".
  37. There is a CD shop in Prague called "Music 42".
  38. There's an American company in Poland which is named XLII Ltd. (42).
  39. Of the 1.4 Billion in subsidies doled out to sugar growers, 42 percent go to the top 1 percent growers.
  40. 42 people died at Chernobyl.
  41. Only 42% of the second-class passengers on the Titanic survived.
  42. Fiat manufactured a total of 4.2 million "Fiat 500" cars.
  43. The tank of the "Ford Fiesta" is 42 liters.
  44. The tank of the Super Beetle 1302 S takes 42 liters.
  45. Recently, within the past few years, for some strange reason, Truck Drivers, and now acknowledging each other with "42" in lue of "10-4".
  46. There were a number of UFO sightings in Iceland in 1942!
  47. On Nov 11, there are 42 days to Christmas.
  48. A Playtex Wonderbra consists of 42 individual parts.
  49. Miller Pilsner has 4.2% alcohol.
  50. There are '42' men on the back of a U.S.$2 bill! Representing the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  51. On the average, a father of a 3 year old spends 42 minutes a day with his son.
  52. The word 'mother' in Hebrew ('ima') has numeric value 42.
  53. 42 is an address on a door in the queue line on Roger Rabbit ride in Disneyland.
  54. At Disneyland in the ride "Alice in Wonderland", the little King says "Remember Rule 42 ..." right after seeing the Queen of Hearts when she asks you if you want to play croquet.
  55. Walt Disney's new water park, "Blizzard Beach" is built on 42 acres of land.
  56. Disney is building a 300 million dollar hotel and amusement complex on 42nd street.
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