Server Alert Notification (SAN)

SyncML Push technology is based on definitions by the Open Mobile Alliance and extends the existing SyncML protocol specification by offering a method of server initiated synchronization.

With sync•gw it is possible to send a special alert notification message to client device. Client device then initiates a synchronization session. The SAN (Server Alerted Notification) message contains information about which server and database has changed, and which type of synchronization should be initiated by the client.

The SAN can be sent by various communication channels, dependent on the capabilities of the client device.

SMS push is also sometime referred to as WAP-PUSH. A SMS message is created and sent through available HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE, 3G network to the client device. Please note there are additional costs for sending the SMS message (depending on your carrier). sync•gw already supports a interface to the SMS gateway for a couple of carrier.

Server TCP/IP push is designed for networks where devices are available on a static, public IP address which is directly reachable from the server. This method is therefore only suitable for carrier networks without NAT, and with simple routing. Please note most client devices do not support this feature.

Using sync•gw SAN feature include:

  • Always up-to-date data on your client device
  • Changed data on server may be distributed in real time
  • Automated synchronization (optionally)
  • Support for various data stores (limited only by client device capabilities)

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